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Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Chicken Plucking Machine
Certification CE, CE/SGS/ISO9001
Model Number Chicken Plucking Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3
Packaging Details 66*72*99cm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay,Visa/MasterCard,Amex,Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 124

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Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3

industrial chicken plucker

Company Information

Chicken Plucking Machine

Our company- Nanchang Alex Electric Appliance Manufactory

,is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.

Our company provides different specifications of pluckers,such as AP-1,AP-2,AP-3,AP-4,AP-5.

poultry plucking machines

Poultry plucker, also named poultry feather removal machine, it is used to remove the feather of poultry after butchered.

It is also suitable for the peeling of ginger, potato, and the skin removing of fish.

This poultry plucker is an ideal machine to depilate for chicken, duck, goose, bird, turkey, or other poultry.

It is easy to operate, energy-saving and time-saving, and labour-saving.

Its production efficiency is equal to over ten workers’ manual work.

Other parts of the plucker:

The structure and design of the plucker:

technical parameter


Industrial chicken and turkey plucker

Model number




Net weight


Gross weight


Working ability


Depilation net rate


Motor speed


Motor power


Barrel diameter


Packaging size







3 years

Payment terms

T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.


1. Poultry plucking machines is used to remove the feather of the chicken, the duck,

the goose and some other poultries. The poultry plucking machine is all made of

stainless steel, work fast, clean and healthy.

2. Poultry plucking machines is suitable for family and small factory and shop use.

With competitive price, this machine can save much work for housewives and restaurant workers.

How to use the poultry plucker:

1. Before using, please check whether the voltage of power supply is in conformity with that in

data plate, and whether user’s power switch and fuse are in conformity with the request of machine’s power.

2. Test the bottom of rotating disk to see whether it can work smoothly or not, and try to adjust

the belt to the best.

3. The water temperature is very important, it should be 65-80°C. Drop the poultry into the water and make it stir, then pick it up after 5-6min.

4. Remove the birds from the scalder and place them in the drum plucker. Turn on the plucker.

The plucking process will be completed in 15-30 seconds. Turn off the plucker. The drum plucker will defeather 3-5 chickens or 2 turkeys at a time. The operator may have to handpick a few remaining feathers.

Place the poultry in covered containers before transferring to the evisceration unit.


It should be cleaned after finished work.

For safety, the power switches of motor should be higher than the machine, and keep in a certain


The plucker fingers are replaceable when they are broken.

Good News:

We now are promoting a new product - specialized industrial quail feather plucking machine


It can pluck 2 to 3 quails at one time.




Bird feather plucker


Full automatic

Work ability


Depilation net rate


Net Weight

11K g

Gross Weight

12K g

Motor speed


Motor Power


Barrel diameter


Packing size





3 years

Plucking finger



Birds: quail, swallow, spHottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3, parrot, pigeon,etc.

20ft container can hold 300 pcs.

40ft container can hold 640 pcs.

Our Services

Great service is our mission, high quality is our obligation!

We can meet every country's standard for products.

And OEM service also available.

We will test the poultry feather removal machine before delivering.

We will install the exact plugs for the plucker you ordered.

Product producing

Packaging & Shipping

Thick honeycomb paperboard box package for industrial chicken plucker machine AP-3

Honeycomb paperboard boxes has higher buffer performance than wooden and has lighter weight. Saving time, craft exquisite, good sealing performance, and it can save a lot of timber resources, is an internationally new recognized environmentally packaging products.This package is available for delivery goods by air or by sea.


Q: How to ensure that I would receive undamaged goods?

A: First, our package is standard for shipping, before picking up, please check and confirm product undamaged, we've paid All Risks for you, if damaged, we or ship company will take the responsibility.

Q: What after-sale service or any question about products?
A: This poultry chicken and turkey plucker AP-3 enjoys 3 years warranty,

any problem, I am on line from 9 am to 12 pm, or you can send me email,I will reply you within 12 hours , or call me directly at 0086 15279193512, I'll give you detailed instructions.

Please feel free to contact us , if you are interested in our products.

Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3 is used to pluck the feather after scalding, Chicken Plucking Machine's designed to corresponding numbers of working boxes and length to suit varies kinds poultries or processing capacity requirements, Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3 gets perfect pluck performance without beak damage. The latest water proof and noise reduction design for bearing chamber brings the bearing long duration using Chicken Plucking Machine has good feature suck as high pluck rate, low damage rate, low fault rate, easy operation and repair, easy and convenient adjust, high automatization and etc.
Chicken Plucking Machine can also be used for the removal of duck and goose. Compared with the traditional depilating machine,Hottest price duck poultry plucking machine for chicken cleaning AP-3 the hair removal machine can effectively remove the fine hairs that are difficult to remove from the duck.

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