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Automatic Double Screw Cat Food Making Equipment

Place of Origin China
Brand Name dog food manufacturing equipment
Certification CE
Model Number dog food manufacturing equipment
Min.Order Quantity One set Automatic Double Screw Cat Food Making Equipment
Packaging Details 3600x1000x2000mm
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Product Features

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Features: adopts flour, corn starch and potato starch as raw material, makes food through the process of extruding, cooking, shaping, drying and frying.By choosing different dies, you can make different shapes food such as shell, screw, square tube, round tube, lotus root slices etc.

Automatic Double Screw Cat Food Making Equipment

Product Description

Cat food making equipment consists of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, driving system and control system. It is mainly used for producing top-grade aquatic feed and pet food. Besides, it can make feed pellets for poultry and livestock. The max capacity of the double screw extruder can reach 1000kg/h through add condtioner.

Parameter of Cat Food Making Equipment

Model Capacity Installation power Real power Voltage Dimension
FY-PH56 120-150kg/h 35KW 22KW 380V/50HZ 2.5x0.8x1.8m
FY-PH65 150-180kg/h 46KW 30KW 380V/50HZ 3.5x1.0x2.0m
FY-PH70 180-220kg/h 60KW 45KW 380V/50HZ 3.6x1.0x2.0m
FY-PH85 300-500kg/h 90KW 55KW 380V/50HZ 4.5x1.2x2.3m

Advantages of Cat Food Making Equipment

1. The feeding system, extruding system and cutting system adopts frequency control, to ensure stable performance and save energy.
2. With automatic lubricating system, it decrease power consumption and prolong the using life.
3. The indepent cutting device is more convenient to replace and adjust the cutter knife. Through changing different mould, it can get feed with different shape and size.
4. The screws is with self-cleaning function. The screw and screw slot can clean automatically, so there is no need to stop the machine to clean when change formula and products.
5. Screws are made of alloy steel with special technology, ensuring Automatic Double Screw Cat Food Making Equipment life.
6. Cat food making equipment adopts dry extruding technology and self-heaitng method, no need the steam system. It can add the conditioner on the machine with wet extruding technology to reach higher capacity.
7. The machine body is made of stainless steel, to avoid rusting and to be easy to clean.

8. We will send three moulds and service knit for free.

Why Choose The Twin Screw Extruder To Make Fish And Pet Food?
1. The quality of interior and outerior is better. So the pellets will be more smooth and even.
2. The flow chart of production line is more easier. And it can clean the machine by itself, so there is no need to load and unload the equipment.
3. Light wearing for spare parts to save the cost of replacement.
4. Adapt to more materials, like high viscosity materials, low viscosity materials or high moisture, high-fat recipes products processing.

Flow Chart of Pet/Fish Feed Processing Plant

(1) Mixer: mixing raw material, water and other addtionals.
(2) Spiral hoister: conveying the mixed materials to the extruder by screw structure, ensuring clean raw materials.
(3) Feed Extruder machine: there is a pair of screws to convey, extrude and heat materials, and materials discharge from the mould and cutted by the knife to get feed with different shape and size.
(4) Air conveyor: conveying the pet/fish food to the dryer through air
(5) Electric dryer: it is used to dry the feed. The dryer is built in heating device and adopts belt dryer device. And dry the feed through electric heating.
(6) Seasoning line: it is used to adjust the feed taste. The fronter part is for seasoning, and the latter part is for spraying oil with oil barrel. Thus the seasoning and spraying oil is operated separately, and increase the taste of feed.

Main Parameter of Pet/Fish Feed Processing Plant

Model FY-PH56 FY-PH65 FY-PH70 FY-PH85 FY-PH90
Capacity 120-150kg/h 150-180kg/h 180-220kg/h 300-500kg/h 600-1000kg/h
Installed power 85kw 95kw 105kw 147kw 128kw
Real power 60kw 75kw 85kw 97kw 116kw
Plant length 17m 18m 19m 22m 28m
Workers required 1~2 workers 1~2 workers 1~2 workers 1~2 workers 1~2 workers

Raw Material of Feed Pellets

Our cat food making equipment is based on the raw material of corn meal, Wheat bran, rice bran, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, fish meal, bone meal, meat meal etc. Then the material can be expanded to pellet feed which is with different shape, unique taste and rich nutrition, suitable for dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit fox etc.

Finished Feed For Fish, Dog, Cat, Poultry

1. Our cat food making equipment can produce floating and sinking aquatic feed, different shaped pet food, poultry feed pellets etc..

2. The floating time of floating feeds can reach 24 Hours, which can be seen clearly by you and it can reduce feed lost and water pollution. .
3. The feed produced by extruder is easy to be digested for animals.
4. The feed can be different shape, Such as triangle shape, square shape, bone shape, fish shape and son.
5. The feed diameter can be Φ1-20mm

Company Information

ZHENGZHOU FANWAY MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is the qualified pellet machinery manufacturer which has devoted in developing, designing and manufacturing top quality pellet making equipment. Engineers research and experiment pellet mill and pellet plant design; skilled labor assembly machines: feed pellet mill, wood pellet mill, fish feed pellet machine, hammer mill, feed mixing machine, sawdust drying machine, fish feed pellets cooling machine, pellets packaging machine, etc.

Furthermore our experienced and professional pellet plant project consultants can offer you turnkey wood pellet plant solution, animal feed pellet plant solution, fish feed pellet plant solution as well as pellets production solution.

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