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Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name vegetable cleaning machine
Certification CE ISO
Model Number vegetable cleaning machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine
Packaging Details 1000*750*1080mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 110

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Product Description

Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine

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Name Vegetable Washing Machine
Machine size 1000*750*1080mm
Warranty 1 years for Vegetable Washing Machine
Equipped with power 220V / 0.75 KW
Consumption of water 0-5000/ h for Vegetable Washing Machine


Fruit and vegetable washing machine for a variety of leafy vegetables, fruits, cleaning, impurity, disinfection, etc., are widely used in hotels, school canteen, government agencies, food distribution center kitchen.

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Q: Which kind documents your company can provided?

· A:after ship depart from China port ,we can get documents from Shipping company such as : bill or lading , insurance documents.packing list , commercial invoice . if you need , we also can apply CO ,FORM F, FORM E etc.

Q:What is the guarantee time ? if machines broken or lost during sea freight who will take responsible ?

· A:Guarantee time is for one year from Machine arrive customer sea port. for every export machine we buy insurance for it . if machine lost or broken during sea freight . we take responsible for it .

Q: During Guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design ,what should we do?

· A:during guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design fault , we talk all responsible , for machine broken part free charge send to you , if after change broken part machine can not work , we would send new machine to you for exchange.

Q:After guarantee time , if we need spare parts , can you provided it ?

· A:we can provided for the machine spare part .

Q:Which kind of package you will use ?

· A:For export , we usually use plywood box . which meet export standard.

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Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine using a variety of types to clean fruits and vegetables several times, not only to completely wash vegetables and fruits of the soil surface, but also to wash vegetables and fruits surface pesticide vegetable cleaning machine,Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine: Suitable for fruit and vegetable cleaning materials, mainly for vegetables, fruit cleaning, such as cabbage, spinach, celery, dates, strawberries, apples, peaches, etc. Features: vegetable cleaning machine uses with arc angle with the cone bottom design, easy to clean, with a high-pressure spray, better cleaning effect, wider range.
Introduction of vegetable washing machine:
vegetable cleaning machine in addition to the motor, bearings and other standard parts adopt stainless steel SUS304 material, completely conform to the requirements of the export of food hygiene.Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine has a bubble generator, the materials become state, remove product surface effect of pesticide residues, vegetable cleaning machine at the same time to join the right amount of potions, disinfection of solid color.Debris from the overflow tank overflow, sediment from the discharge outlet, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning.Manufacturers New Design Home Vegetable Washing Machine With wash clean clear height of stable and reliable, energy saving, water saving, equipment, etc.

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