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Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor

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Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor

Introduction of Kingdo Biodiesel Plant

To adapt to the market change at home and abroad, and the significant features of scale merits regarded as the development trend in oil industry, Henan Kingdo Industrial Co., Ltd, has sucessfully developed the fuel used biodiesel project by taking unfit human consumption and waste animal and vegetables oil ,used cooking oil as raw meterials making biodiesel, which extends the productivity and reduces the cost. It is the green health concept that guiding the enterprise brand benefit and temporizing to the requirement of market development.

Production process has four steps: Pre-treatment, Esterification, Trans-esterification, Biodiesel distillation.

1). pre-treatment

Before esterification reaction, the raw material waste oil must be filtered, fine filtration and drying process, until we get the standard oil as raw material which has the same physical properties.

2). Esterification

Esterification is mainly reaction between free fatty acids and glycerol, generating triglycerides and water while small amounts of monoester and diester are generated.

3). Trans-esterification

Features of interactive turbulence tube reactor: interactive turbulence tube reactor: the device achieves continuously production of esterification and trans-esterification and improves the level of automation of the production process; the continuous reaction can be fully realize at low temperature and pressure, high efficiency, easy installation, easy operation, low energy consumption, the reaction of control can be achieved online, etc, many other advantages.

4). Biodiesel distillation

Biodiesel distillation device for a multivariate adaptive bypass reduced pressure distillation device, in the condition of Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor distillation of crude methyl/rectification. Process for cold material with top of gas phase composition to heating of heat transfer firstly, heat transfer materials through the heater heating again after the temperature meet the process requirements and then into the reactor to distillation or rectification, (rectification control reflux ratio),the tower of the gas phase material after heat condensation, the principal component into the receiving tank, light component via to overhead condenser under certain technological conditions entered into a receiving tank after cooling, the components of the effusion dish into a receiving tank, the bottom black feet by the pumps.

Baisc information of biodiesel plant :


Raw material



Slaughterhouse scraps(waste animal oil)

From slaughter house


used cooking oil recycling

Waste cooking oil


Fatty Acid & Acid Oil from plant refinery

For example the bean & peanut etc.....


Plam oil & Plant oil and so on......


Use same biodiesel reactor machine, but different processing and catalyst.

Our engineer will guide you at your raw material using.

Product Description

Construction Scale of biodiesel plant :

Raw material of biodiesel plant receiving: 3~ 500t/d

Raw material storage scale of biodiesel plant :5~20000t

Pre-treatment workshop of biodiesel plant: 3~500t /d

Synthetic refining workshop of biodiesel plant: 5~500t /d

Advantages of Biodiesel

  • Engine is starting at low temperature(-10C).
  • It not belongs to dangerous cargo, so it’s easy to transport.
  • There is less sulfur and aromatic alkyl in biodiesel, so it's less harmful to human and environment.
  • As a kind of renewable energy sources, the biodiesel will not finised.
  • The supply of biodiesel is not controlled by OPEC, it’s benefit to the stability of international petroleum market.

Mainly recycling equipment for biodiesel plant:

Technologie process of biodiesel plant in Kingdo for sale:

Products can be obtained by the following 4 steps:

1. Pretreatment of raw material oil

2. Esterification

3. Transesterification reaction

4. Continuous Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor distillation

The advantages of biodiesel plant in Kingdo:

1. Professional manufacturer of grain and oil machinery over 30 years experience.

2.Completely production line, from raw material to delivery, all are under our control.

3.Quality assured.


5. Create a good production environment.

6. Perfectly match extraction production line, design different production processes according to different materials.

7. Minimize the total fat loss, increase oil yield and output and improve the quality of oil and cake meal.

Our Service :

Packaging & Shipping

Proffessional packaing team of biodiesel processor for overseas shipping & transport.

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Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor is sesame/coconut/olive cold press oil making machine/hydraulic oil press machine for sale .Biodiesel production plant simple structure and strong maintainability make thissesame/coconut/olive cold press oil making machine/hydraulic oil press machine for sale very popular in Afria, South America, Asia.
Our Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor is screw press type. Biodiesel production plant is advanced oil processing machinery. Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor can be used for various raw materials, as ground nuts, soybean, rapeseed and cotton seeds, sesame, olive, sunflower, coconuts, cocoa and grass seeds.
Under the high pressure condition in the chamber ,friction between materials and screw,Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor between material and chamber will be created which also creates friction and relative movement among material particles,Biodiesel production plant on the other hand toot diameter of the pressing screw caries larger from one end to the other ,hence,when rotating,Biodiesel production machine waste oil extractor not only pushes particles moving forwards but turns them outwards as well,meanwhile,particle adjacent the screw will rotation along with screw’s rotating.

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