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250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Japanese Rice Crackers machine
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number Japanese Rice Crackers machine
Min.Order Quantity One set 250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine
Packaging Details 60m*25m*4m
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Features

250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine

250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine company has agreed the ISO9001:2000 guarantee, also given several patents rights. In addition, we also get into the CE guarantee system. High resistance steel structure, is painted special paint to conserve for oxidize and its structure is strengthened for vibration. All surfaces that contact food, in our machine, are aluminum and stainless steel. Main structure is placed on elevated prop; all lines are provided against direct contact to floor.

1.Samples made by our 250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine

Our machine can make rice cracker and salted senbei, the demensions for crackers could be changed according to the mould.

2.Parts showing for 250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine

3.250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine running in our customers factory

4.Work shop show

The all parts of our machine besides the electric components are made by ourself , we have our own machining work shop ,electric cabinet workshop ,Cuting and installation workshop .

5.Packing and shipping for baked rice cracker machine

we use wooden packing for every parts to keep the machine in good condtion .

6.Qualifications and certifications

Our factory has passed the ISO9001:2000 system, the machines are CE and CQC approved. Some of our machines have been use for more than 10 years, still running in a stable condition.

7.Custoemrs from all around the world

With reliable quality and hearty services, we have exported to U.S.A., Austrilia, Russia, Poland,Lebanon, Uzibekistan, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Libya, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Vietnam,Japan,Malaysia, Burma,Pakistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.

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Shanghai HG (HengGuang) Food Machinery Group has established for nearly 40 years, expertise in food machines manufacturering. As a group, we have 4 machinery factories, one food experiment facory, and an international trading company in Shanghai, we are also supporting the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.

We are one of the earliest and manufacturer in China to make food machines, and have 4 machinery factories and 1 food factory in Shanghai. With nearly 40 years' experience, we have served many large companies, such as, Pringles in USA, Lina Group in Iran, Britannia in India, CBL in Sri Lanka, and Dali Group, the biggest food company in China, 85% of their production lines are from our factory. You will get 100% guarantee from our factory!

250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine is a kind of breakfast with high nutritional value. usually use corn powder and other cereals as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, drying, baking, coating and cooling, to get crispy flakes. 250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine always service as breakfast cereal mixed with milk of coffee. But 250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine can also be a kind of leisure snacks. can also make other shapes of cereals such as rings, balls, chocos, curls etc. has adopted technology from America.

250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine take corn flour as main raw material,250Kg hot sale gas Rice biscuit making machine's is very crispy after extruding,granulating,flaking, frying,seasoning. The outstanding characteristic of flakes is co-ntaining abundant compound carbohydrate and dietary fiber.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. can also add some trace elements and minerals. is very popular because of high nutritional value, delicious and convenience.

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