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cashew peeling machine/cashew nuts peeling machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Nut Peeling Machine
Model Number Nut Peeling Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set cashew peeling machine/cashew nuts peeling machine
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features


This production line is specially designed for processing cashew food.

I.This line can process about 120kg/h raw cashew.If every day contain 8working hours,

the day capacity is about 960kg.If every month contain 30 working days ,the month

capacity is about 28,800kg.

II.This line may need 150 square meters.

III.*3 means there need 3 sets the same machine.

It mainly includes main machines as follows:

The simple whole production line

1. cashew cooking machine

2. cashew grading machine

3. cashew shelling machine

4. cashew shell-kernel separating machine

5. cashew roasting machine

6. cashew peeling machine

7. packing machine (depending on the demand of the client)

Process Flow for processing cashew:

Process flow: Classifying---Grading --- Cooking --- Shelling --- Kernels and shells separating --- Drying/roasting --- Peeling

The whole final-finished production process:

1. Cashew nut washing machine -->2.silo-->3.Steam cooker--> 4.silo-->5. Conveyor -->6.Drying machine-->7.conveyor-->8.Grading machine -->9.automatic cashew Shelling machine -->10.horizontal conveyor-->11.vertical conveyor-->12.the Cashew Nut & Kernel Separator -->13.conveyor -->14.belt type dryer-->15.conveyor-->16.Peeling machine -->17.silo-->18.conveyor-->19.roasting machine -->20.silo-->21.conveyor-->22.cashew nut grading machine-->23.cashew peeling machine/cashew nuts peeling machine packing machine

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