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Reasonable price good feedback cashew nut peeling machines

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Nut Peeling Machine
Model Number Nut Peeling Machine
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Reasonable price good feedback cashew nut peeling machines

Product Description

Description of cashew nut peeling machines

1) Our cashew sheller is mainly used for shelling and peeling the cashew nuts, separating the cashew nut kernels from the outer shell.

2) It can be used in food processing industry or the pre-treatment of oil production plants.

3) The cashew will be divided into 3-5 level according to the width, it has few grades sieving system, fit for different size of cashew.

Features of cashew nut peeling machines

1) The cashew sheller has two types: semi-automatic type and automatic type.

The cashew nuts are being manually fed into the machine. The cashew nuts are classified into 3-5 grades firstly and then shelled. The proficiency of the operators contributes to the production and ratio of unbroken kernel.

2) The cashew sheller has cashew nuts processing line.

The flow processof cashew nuts processing line as belows: Cashew nuts grading machine, cashew steaming machine, cashew shelling machine, shells and kernels separating machine, cashew drying machine, cashew peeling machine, cashew roasting machine.

Technical parameter




Shelling rate

Unbroken rate









1.1 kw/220v/380v







80-100 kg/h



1* 0.7*0.9 m

Photos of raw cashew nut and peeled cashew

More picture of cashew nut peeling machines

Automatic 1

Automatic 2

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