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High Grade Stainless Steel Grinder Cocoa Nut Grinding Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Butter Machine
Model Number Peanut Butter Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set High Grade Stainless Steel Grinder Cocoa Nut Grinding Machine
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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High Grade Stainless Steel Grinder Cocoa Nut Grinding Machine

Company Information
  • We design, manufacture and export nut processing machinery. Our main products are:

1. Nut Shelling Machine

2. Nut Roasting Machine

3. Nut Skin Peeler

4. Nut Chopper

5. Nut Paste Grinding Mill

6. Nut Flavoring Coater

7. Nut Fryer

8. Nut Sorter

9. Nut Packing Machine

10. Nut Conveyors

  • We can supply you the whole advanced production lines, such as:

1. Honey Coated Peanut Production Line

2. Peanut Butter Production Line

3. Peanut Frying Production Line

4. Hulled Sesame Seeds Production Line

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Product Overviews

1. Peanut Butter is welcomed and becomes necessary in people’s daily food menu.

Peanut butter is nutritious and delicious. It is rich of vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, fiber and protein. It also contains large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can increase the heat emission, burning harmful cholesterol and reduce the high blood lipid. Nowadays peanut butter is welcomed and becomes necessary in people’s daily food menu.

2. Peanut Butter Grinder Profile

UFM series Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill is mainly used for superfine processing in peanut butter production line. The key parts of the ultrafine peanut butter mill are made of high grade stainless steel, which are nonpoisonous and corrosion-proof. This grinder has excellent function in crushing and milling for all kinds of materials, especially suited for processing oily materials, such as peanut butter, sesame, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, mustard, cocoa bean etc.

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3. Features

  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill has advantage of compact construction, good shaped, simple operation, low noise, easy servicing and easy cleaning.
  • In order to prevent the corrosion, Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill’s main parts are made of the material as food hygiene. High-grade stainless steel is chosen for manufacturing.
  • The rotor disc and stator disc are produced by special abradant with adhesive which is gotten through strict performance test, possessed of high strength and corrosion-resistant, too. Different discs may be replaced according to different uses and different properties of materials.
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill is equipped with micro-adjusting apparatus for adjusting of grinding-gap. So the working clearance and discs’ running situation can be observed and controlled easily. This will guarantee the operation safety.
  • he feeding motor and the main motor are interlock control for productionsecurity.
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill is matched with circulating cooling system to cool down the running temperature and help peanut butter processed effectively.

Production Flow

Equipment List In Peanut Butter Production Line:


peanut butter, sesame butter, almond butter, cocoa butter, sunflower seed paste, walnuts paste, pepper paste, tomato paste, ice cream stuffing, fruit juice, soybean milk and all kinds of drinks.

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