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JM-W140 small commercial vertical colloid mill peanut butter making machine masala spice chilli grinding machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Butter Machine
Model Number Peanut Butter Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set JM-W140 small commercial vertical colloid mill peanut butter making machine masala spice chi
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product introduction:

Colloid mill grinding is the second generation of new equipment for fine particle processing, which is suitable for all kinds of emulsion to disperse, mix and grind.Widely used in food, chemical industry, daily use chemical, chemical pigments, ruhua asphalt, explosives, nano materials and other industries.

Product advantages:

Colloid mill The product design is compact, the appearance is beautiful, the seal is good, the performance is stable, the operation is convenient, the decoration is simple, the production benefit is high,It is the ideal processing equipment.


The product, all the parts that are in contact with the material, are made of stainless steel, except for the motor and part of the parts.Therefore, it has good wear resistance, so that the material is not polluted, sanitary and clean.

Working principle:

The basic working principle of colloidal grinding is, high-speed shear grinding and high-speed stirring.The relative motion of the Mo gear, which is one of the high-speed rotation, the other static, makes the material pass, and the material is subjected to great shear force and friction.At the same time, in the high frequency vibration and the high-speed vortex, the force of the material is obtained, the grinding,Emulsifier, the homogeneous mix, thus obtains the fine benefit.


1. Why your machine similar with other supplier?
We are manufacturer and had been in this industry for more than 18 years. We design machines by ourselves with advanced technology. Appearance just a part of machine, Service and quality is more important than it.
2. I'm new in our industry, but I'm planning to setup a factory, What can I do?
We can suggest customer the most suitable machine according to their formula, Raw material. Manufacturing- Installation- Training- Maintenance- Technical Support. We can introduce you supplier of raw material, bottles, labels etc. We could take you to our customer's factory to learn how they produce. We could customize machines according to your real need, We could send our engineer to your factory to install machines and train your worker of Operation and maintenance. Any more requests. Just let us know.
3.Why do you choose us?
Select spare parts with high quality and well-known brands only.
We are approved by ISO, CE, GS and etc.
One year warranty; perfect after-sales service for spare parts
Best prices with good quality and reliable performance
Easy maintenance.
Our logo or OEM
4.What kind of machines can you supply to customer?
We could offer various kinds of machines and whole production line.
(1) Cream, paste Products,
In cosmetic industry: face cream, body cream, washing cream,vaseline etc
In food industry industry: sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate etc
In chemical industry:welding paste,ink, paint,pigment etc.
(2) Liquid products
shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, detergent,juice,solution etc.
(3) Make-up products:
Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish etc
(4) Adhesive products:
Instant glue, AB glue, silica gel, anaerobic adhesive,silicon, sealing etc.

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Our Services

Warranty time: one year, from the date which the product is qualified commissioning. Any damage except the wrong operation during warranty period is repaired freely. But the travel and hotel expenses should be count on buyer.
Commissioning services: the product's installation and commissioning at the demand side, our engineers will not leave there untill get your agreement.
Training services: our engineers will train your staff to operate it during the period of installation and commissioning, and they will not leave there until your staff can operate it properly and normally.
Maintenance services: any malfunction happened, once you enquiry us, we will reply you within 48 hours except the special reasons.
Lifelong services: we provide lifelong services for all the products we sold out, and supply the spare parts with discount price.
Certificate services: we can provide related certificates to customers freely according to the request of customers.
Inspection services: you can ask the third part inspection company or your inspector to inspect the products before shipment.


Product Type: Colloid Mill, Fermentation Tank, Emulsification Tank, Stainless Steel Mixing Tank, Extraction Tank, Heating Tank, Mixing Equipment, Jacket Kettle, Manhole, Filter, Fluid Pump, etc. Machines
Application range
Fine chemicals: pigments, glue, sealants, resin emulsification, fungicides, coagulants, etc.
Petrochemicals: Lubricants, diesel emulsions, bitumen modifications, catalysts, paraffin emulsions, waxes, etc.
Biomedicine: Injections, antibiotics, ointments, biologics, microcapsules lactose clothing, etc.
Coating ink: ink, latex paint, architectural coatings, shoe polish, etc.
Pesticides: fungicides, seed coating agents, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, biological pesticides, etc.
Nanomaterials: nano-materials dispersed depolymerization, nano-products reaction and extraction, etc.
Food industry: Juices, jams, jelly, ice cream, dairy products, additives, beverages, cheese, peanut butter, syrup, honey, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, soy milk, soy milk, yogurt, milk, pepper sauce, etc.
Daily chemical: detergent, shampoo, face cream, lipstick, facial cleanser, daily essence, toothpaste, lipstick, cosmetics, etc.
Paper: pulp, adhesives, rosin emulsification, paper additives, resin emulsification, etc.
Brewing: beer, wine, vinegar, cheese fermentation, etc.

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