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Popular price peanut butter machine /cocoa butter press machine/nut butter machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Butter Machine
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Peanut Butter Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Popular price peanut butter machine /cocoa butter press machine/nut butter machine
Packaging Details 31x31x70cm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

Popular price peanut butter machine /cocoa butter press machine/nut butter machine

Product Description

Model NO.: KXY-BM25 peanut butter making machine

Capacity 20-25kg/h raw materials

Body:Stainless steel

Net weight:40kg

Gross weight:50kg

Power: 1500w


Packing Demension: 31X31x70cm

Use for sesame,peanut,soybean sauce and so on

Product characters

1):Material is Stainless steel .
2):It’s working principle is :Through high speed relative motion of Rotor and Stator,make the material get strong Shearing force,Friction and High mode Vibration.Effictively Crush,Emulsify,Homogeneity material to reach refined product.
3):Here different capacity is provide from Lab Scale to Mass Production.
4):Small size, light weight, easy to carry5)Pure copper motor6 )Big power,big output. Detailed Images

Product Uses

Peanut butter production methods:

The process of making peanut butter is: peanuts → baking → cooling → peeling → sieving → grinding sauce

Production points:

1, materials: selected mature peanut, remove moldy grain, sand, stone and so on.

2, baking: the peanut baking heated to 160 ℃, to maintain 40 to 60 minutes, requires same color of inside and outside of peanuts.

3.Cooling, sifting: peanuts baked quickly after the material, as soon as possible spread or cool air cooling, peanuts and then after the re-peeled leather peeled, sieved.

(Note: the material can not be too cold. Peanuts can not contain moisture, oily materials and moisture moisture does not affect the quality of raw material quality).

4, start the machine: Loosen the lock nut, adjust the handle to the rough direction when the rotation without blocking, flexible rotation, you can start the motor. (Three-phase motor steering should be consistent with the logo on the cover, otherwise it should immediately stop, replace the two phases of the two, restart.)

5, adjust the gap: to adjust the handle to the fine direction to hear a slight friction sound can be. Do not tune too fine, and significantly reduce production efficiency, increase power consumption.

6, grinding sauce: the separation of the cotyledons into the grinding mill, grinding into a fine smooth finished products. Keep the material evenly, fineness, improve quality. Add sugar or salt (2% to 3% sugar, 0.5% salt) and 0.05% vitamin E to the mill.

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