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Full automatic modified starch extruder machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name modified starch machine
Model Number modified starch machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Full automatic modified starch extruder machine
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

High Quality Modified Starch Extruder Machine

Product Description

1. Production Description

Adhesive Corn Tapioca Pregelatinization Starch Processing Line uses cheap natural starch,corn starch and tapioca starch as main materials, through extruding treatment process, to pro-duce multi-functional and high-valuable modified starch, Pre-gelatinization Starch or Denatured Starch. Its Double Screw Extruder is special designed, consists of 6 systems: feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, conveying system and cooling system, its barrels and screws structure can easily realize the function of changing the properties of the starch. Modified Starch can be used in many fields like Textile, Food, paper making, building material, casting, oil drilling and so on. 2. Flow chart

This line contains the following machine:

Mixer—— Screw conveyor—— Twin-screw extruder—— Air conveyer—— Seven-layer oven ——Cooling conveyor —— Air conveyor—— Miller

3.Technical parameters:



SLG 65-III Modified Starch processing line

SLG70-II Modified Starch processing line

SLG85-II Modified Starch processing line

Installed capacity
















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a.) Consultation service before, during, and after sales;

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Company Information

Shandong Saibainuo Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in on the development of inflating food machines, botanical protein mach-

ines,prt foodstuff machines and experimental extruding machines. We have lots of ma-

sters and professional backbone who have devoted themselves to this industry. We also

possess outstanding engineers and high-qualified installing workers.

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Buyer Feedback


Full automatic modified starch extruder machine uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine. Also, 's various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.The usage is same to natural rice,but more simple and convenient than before. Full automatic modified starch extruder machine not only nutrition but also adapts to the fast rhythm of the modern life.

Full automatic modified starch extruder machine is a kind of shape machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies dry base by squeezing out and taking shape the dough and has characteristics of modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, simple operation etc. is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market at present as well.

garlic processing machine line.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. offer garlic separate machine,garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine ,,garlic harvester machine etc. Now our Full automatic modified starch extruder machine have sell to 40+ countries include Canada ,Austria ,India ,South Afraic etc.We promise we will supply good quality of Full automatic modified starch extruder machine ,and meet your need of Full automatic modified starch extruder machine.

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