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Pretreatment equipment on feed production line cat feed / dog feed / animal feed mixing machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pellet feed production line
Certification ISO
Model Number Pellet feed production line
Min.Order Quantity One set Pretreatment equipment on feed production line cat feed / dog feed / animal feed mixing mach
Packaging Details 1530*820*1420mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Pretreatment equipment on feed production line cat feed / dog feed / animal feed mixing machine


1. Description of animal feed mixing machine

Animal feed mixing machine is one of the most important operations in manufacturing of animal feeds and mixer is considered to be the heart of feed milling operation.

Animal feed mixing machine mainly be used to mix all kinds of powder, such as the wheat flour , corn flour , sorghum flour and so on, it also could mix other micro- ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other feed additives, which is the key steps on the feed pellet production line.

This animal feed mixing machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, reasonable structure, compact layout, low cost reliable performance and easy maintenance. Which is widely used for premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, chemical and medicine industries, etc.

Technical Parameter

2. The Technical Parameter of animal feed mixing machine





Dimension (mm)


100 kg / batch

3 kw




200 kg / batch

4 kw




500 kg / batch





1000 kg / batch





2000 kg / batch





3. The features of animal feed mixing machine

1) Animal feed mixing machine has one single screw shaft inside ,which can be used to mix various of fertilizer materials and animal feed solid powder materials , such as feed materials from soybean meal, maize meal, grain meals e.c.t, also can add various of liquid.Mixing efficiency is larger than 98% .
2) The feeding door and discharging door of Animal feed mixing machine have both manual and pneumatic type, generally larger capacity mixer should use pneumatic discharging doors. After discharging , no dead corner left

3) Mixing time is short ,which is just 10-15 minutes per batch.
4) Animal feed mixing machine has two feeding doors on top , one is used to add main materials, the other is used to add Additives. also it has liquid adding system, various of liquid can be added , when liquid spray to solid materials, it will become steam type and melt in solid powder, making high mixing efficiency.

More pictures

4. Other more pictures of our animal feed mixing machine

Feed production line

5. Our feed Production line

The fish feed extruder line is goes as follows:

Material crushing----powder mixing----pellets extruding---pellet drying---pellet cooling---pellet packing.

1) Crusher----To crush the raw material into powder.
2) Mixer -------To make all kinds of powder mixed evenly.
3) Extruder----To make many kinds of feed pellet. Such as fish feed, pet feed.
4) Dryer--------To remove the extra moisture of the pellet.
5) Cooler------ To reduce the temperature of the pellet after dring.
6) Packaging-- After cooling the feed pellet, we could package it.

The capacity of the feed production line have 120-150KG/H, 180-200KG/H, 200-250kg/h, 320-350KG/H, 500-600KG/H, 700-800KG/H, 1.0-1.2T/H, 1.8-2.0T/H for your choosing.

Delivery & Package

6. Delivery and Packaging of animal feed mixing machine

1) We will package the machine by standard export wooden case packing to protect the machine and avoid any damage during the shipping and delivery.
2) We will make the animal feed mixing machine as quickly as possible after get the client's order and then arrange the delivery.


7. Our Factory--- animal feed mixing machine

Zhengzhou Fanway Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of the floating fish feed pellet machine. We specialize in researching, developing, producing and marketing top quality fish feed related machines-crusher, mixer, feed extruder, dryer, cooler, oil coater and packing machine. We can design turnkey floating fish feed production line for customer.


8. Our Services of our animal feed mixing machine

*** Technical guidance, according to your capacity and raw material, recommend a suitable model.

*** Visit to our factory and have an investigation and performance test.
*** Engineers avialable to service machinery overseas.

*** Provide durable spare parts with cheap price after warranty time.
*** Warranty 1 year, quality gurantee, except wear parts and wrong operation.

9. Any more questions with animal feed mixing machine, please feel free to ask me:

Contact Person: Carlar Kong
Mobile/Whatsapp: 0086 150838349193
Skype: machine-Pretreatment equipment on feed production line cat feed / dog feed / animal feed mixing machine

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