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factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production line from china manufacturer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pellet feed production line
Certification CE,ISO,SGS
Model Number Pellet feed production line
Min.Order Quantity One set factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production l
Packaging Details 20*10*26
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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- factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production line from china manufacturer

Differences between automatic line and manual line

1).When using automatic line,there is no need to weigh the weight of materials before production.

2).When using automatic line, two sections are needed, all of the sections is controlled the PLC computer program, which can save both the electric power and the manpower.

The complete animal feed pellets production line seen:

The process is as follows of complete animal feed pellets production line

1. Raw Material intake

All the solid ingredients packed in bags for feed production would be received in plant by road. Their materials will be store in store godown. According to requirement these material will be dumped manually in dumping hopper and conveyed to the pre-cleaner through the mechanical conveyor system.

2. Pre-Cleaning

Pre-cleaning is a process of removing unwanted material from our ingredients. As we received the material, there will be possibility of having unwanted material such as iron pieces, jutes threads, oversize pieces which can jam our silos\ system. So for cleaning we use a pre-cleaning machine. Then these pre-cleaned materials are transpired to silos through mechanical conveyors and elevators.

3. batching

Batching is process of combining each and every material in a proportioning ratio called feed formula it is very important process of every feed plant. A Better and accurate ration of material will give is a better quality and a fully nutrients feed. This batching process may be a computerized controlled or may have manual control room to cut the cost of the plant.

4. Grinding

Grinding is a process of bracking solid ingredients to a required size. Finer the material higher will be the surface area exposure to heat and moisture to accomplish the gelatinization in conditioning. A fine granding material can transfer his maximum energy to the animal as compare to a course grinded material. It is a very energy consuming process.

main equipment: hammer mill

5. Mixing

As the name implies "Mixing" is a process of combining \ blending of micro ingredients. A proper mixing can be defined with a unit called co-efficient of variation. Smaller the co-efficient of variation higher will be the quality of mixing. Our well designed mixer machine has such a great quality. Beyond this is a mixer machine should have a provision to mix liquid to it as we need oil or molasses addition to the feed.

main equipment: mixing machine

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6. Pelleting

Pelleting is a main step of any pelleting plant. It is a process of converting any powder to solid shape called pallet. In this process the powder material is extruded through a well designed die with the help of rollers to convert it in to pallets. The quality & production of pallet mill depends on so many parameters.

1. Feed formula 2. Die configuration 3. Quality of Granding 4. Quality of conditioning. No doubt every material can be converted into pellets.

main equipment: pellet mill

7. cooling

Cooling is a process of removing heat. As we know during conditioning we add heat and moisture and also through palleting process heat generates by extrusion process. But the pallet should have a standard moisture and heat to attain its life of storage and make it safe from fungus. So we have to remove extra heat and moisture from the pallet. All this is done with the help of a well designed counter flow cooler.

main equipment: cooing machine

Crumbling is a process in which pallets after cooling is broken in to small pieces to make it suitable for small chicks or hens. When there is no need of crumbling, we by-pass the feed directly to the screen with the help of By-pass Mechanism. A well designed crumbier should have capability to break the pellets without making much finer.

main equipment: crumbler

8. screening

Product coming out of crumbier is or their in pallets form (if we use by-pass) or in crumbs form. There are required to screen to remove fines and oversize particle. A double deck screeners are used to remove both fine and oversize particles. Fine and directed to pallet mill for repalleting while oversize particles are directed to crumbier for reprocessing. A well desired screener should have capability to remove fine and oversize to a desired percentages, And it should not be clog frequently.

main equipment: rotary screener

10. packing

The end of process in every plant is bagging also called packing. After screening the finished products are filled in to bags. In small and medium plants, bagging can be carried out manually but for higher production it is batter to go for electronic bagging machine.

main equipment: packaging machine

Main Technical Parameter of complete animal feed pellets production line

Yield(t/h) Pellet Machine Hammer Mill Mixer Cooler Rotary Screener Crumbler Cooling Fan Bucket Elevator



Outline Dimension (L*W*H)
1-2 SZLH250 SWSP56*30 SHW1.0 SKLN11*11 SFJH80*2d SSLG22*40 4-72No4A TDTG26*18 XL60 9*3.5*11
3 SZLH320 SWSP56*40 SLHY1.0 SKLN15*15 SFJH100*2d SSLG15*100 4-72No5A TDTG26*18 XL90 9*3.5*12
5 SZLH350 SWSP56*60 SWSP2.0 SKLN15*15 SFJH100*2d SSLG15*100 4-72No5A TDTG36*23 XL90 12*4.2*13.5
6-8 SZLH400 SWSP56*60 SLHSJ1.0 SKLN19*19 SFJH130*2d SSLG15*150 4-72No8D TDTG36*28 XL120 12*4.5*14
10 SZLH420 SWSP66*80 SLHSJ2.0 SKLN19*19 SFJH130*2d SSLG24*110 4-72No8D TDTG36*28 XL120 13.5*4.8*14
15 SZLH508 SWSP112*40 SLHSJ2.0 SKLN22*22 SFJH150*2d SSLG24*165 4-72No8C TDTG50*23 XL150 15*5.5*17

Spare part

Brand Name

Electric motor

factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production line from china manufacturer (Germany)

Level detector

Autonics (Korea)

Crusher Bearing


Pellet machine bearing


IPC(industrial personal computer)

ADVANTECH Industrial Controlled Computer (Taiwan)

position switches

Omron (Japan)

Reduction box

Itc cathay Pacific (Jiangsu China)

Our Company Information:

---Henan Hengmu Husbandry Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the south of Yuntai Mountain, a beautiful world geology park.Our company is specialized in feed machinery and complete engineering, enzyme production machinery and complete engineering, sawdust, rice husk and biomass particles equipment.

---Henan Hengmu follows the ideas of "Customers Oriented, Common Development". We are making great efforts to offer high quality feed machines, biomass energy pelleting machines and organic fertilizer machines. We can make coal and biomass into energy.

---Henan Hengmu company, We have many professional elites. We are cooperating with many scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning. We have brought in a series of high standard products, such as ring-die granulator machines, tear-circle type disintegrators, double shaft paddle mixing machines, rotary dryer mixing machines, premix and additive machine sets and complete sets of feed equipment.

---Henan Hengmu has a group of talents who have rich experience and high quality. We can design, develop and produce machines according to the needs of customers. We can design and produce different kinds of machines, which can produce 1 to 50 tons of various appointed projects, such as powder, premix and granule.

---Our company has an excellent after-sales service team with advanced technology and rich experience. The after-sales service system is perfect. Our workers can reach any place of China in 24 hours, we can resolve your problems at the first time.

---We firmly believe that in the guidance of "Customer Oriented, Common Development", the future of Henan Hengmu will be glorious and resplendent.

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Our Certification of complete animal feed pellets production line

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FAQ of complete animal feed pellets production line

1.What international certificates we have?

---Our company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality certification,SGS quality certification,CE safety and quality certification of EU,German Rhine enterprise capability assessment(TUV certification)

2.How can we guarantee the quality of machines?

---Our company promised that the material thickness of our main equipments is greater than the feed machinery industry standard 2 mm. You can pick up the vernier caliper and calculator to weigh and test. About equipment accessories, crusher adopts NSK bearings; Pellet machine adopts the Swiss SKF bearing; Equipments adopts factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production line from china manufacturer motor.

3.How about our export power?

---Since we opened the foreign trade,insisting "Impress customers with details , win customers with quality , conquer customers with services.", the value of export is rising steadily. Our export value of 2013 reached 3 million dollars. Now our products has exported to Vietnam,Sudan,Mongolia,South Korea and other 50 countries and districts. In 2013, our company become the only supply enterprises exempted from inspection determined by Mongolia ministry of agriculture. Now we have 34 foreign trade service staffs,to offer you 24 hours' service!

4. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

---We are a manufacturer, which has almost 19 years of experience in this industry. We Hengmu Husbandry Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the south of Yuntai Mountain, a beautiful world geology park, warmly welcome you to vistit the beauty and our manufacturer.

5. Will you send engineers to install the plant?

---yes, but at an extra cost payable by the customer. Or you can get local contractors to do
the commissioning and we send one supervising engineer.

6.What is our products and market positioning?

---Our company won’t use the low price to win the market. We mainly produce middle and high-end products,to conquer the customers relying our products and service.

7.What service we can supply?

---In pre-sales we provide users with comprehensive technical support. We provide comprehensive customer training, including in charge of the procedures, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, equipment, general maintenance, equipment, long-term hazard assessment knowledge and so on. Before the users buy our equipment, they must come to our company to accept a series of training. After the examination for equipment operation personnel, we will issue husbandry machinery operation qualification certificate. We suggest user to set up the remote control system. Our company after-sales service can guide the user through the remote control system for regular maintenance equipment key parts. Our aim is: to do a responsible enterprise, let customers safely use the best feed machinery!

Equipment warranty of Feed pellet line

1). Mechanical parts' warranty is one year , except wearing parts.

2).Three years' warranty for main components, including: automatic batching control system, the quantitative packaging scale system. If there are equipment malfunction, we guarantee we will offer timely guidance guidance until the normal production after receiving user's telephone. Within one year, all the motor and reducer of each equipment can be returened, replaced and repaired.

3).After the expiry of the quality assurance, we will offer maintain services for 3 years. During the warranty period, we offer free maintenance guidance. After 3 years, we offer lifelong maintenance of the equipment. The user should be responsible for a normal maintenance costs.

4).Our company provide users with information about equipment technology and commodity information for lifelong.

5).When the user proceed equipment update, factory directly supply low cost competitive price complete animal feed pellets production line from china manufacturervation, purchase. We can provide technical support for free.

6).Free of charge training. The training contract will be confirmed by the user.

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