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hot sale CE aquatic feed machine/floating fish feed pellet machine price

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pellet feed production line
Certification CE,IS9001
Model Number Pellet feed production line
Min.Order Quantity One set hot sale CE aquatic feed machine/floating fish feed pellet machine price
Packaging Details 1600*1400*1350mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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hot sale CE aquatic feed machine/floating fish feed pellet machine price

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Introduction for Floating Fish Feed pellet extruder machine

It is widely used for producing maize flour, soybean flour or compound powder, wheat bran into high grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, dog,.cat etc. The puffing fish feed pellets can float on the water surface for over12 hours without water polution. According to your requirement and production scale, floating fish feed machine can be classified into dry type machine and wet type machine.

Working principle for floating fish feed pellet extruder machine

After the material is sent into feeding device, they will be extruded and expanded by the screw shaft with high pressure and temperature which makes the raw material fully cooked and sterilized. Then the expanded material will be formed into pellets by shaping mould. You can change different moulds to make pellets with different diameters. After that a cutting device will cut the formed pellets into different length as required.

Features for floating fish feed pellet extruder machine

1.According to different requirements, variety shapes of high-grade feed pellets for fish, shrimps .etc
2.The finished pellets can keep floating for 12 hours without pollution to water.
3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment
4.Floating fish feed machine can make pellet from diameter 1mm-12mm just by changing the mould.
5.Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
6.High temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and
also makes the pellets easily to digest.
7.The cutting device can be adjusted to make pellets of different length.
8.The wet type machine needs a boiler to make steam which can conduct steam to the conditioner and ripen the raw material in advance.

Technical datas for floating fish feed pellet extruder machine

Model Capacity Main power Feeding power Cutting power Screw Diamater
FY-DGP50 0.06-0.08T/H 11 Kw 0.4 Kw 0.4Kw φ50mm
FY-DGP60 0.12-0.15 T/H 15 Kw 0.4 Kw 0.4Kw φ60mm
0.18-0.25 T/H 18.5 Kw 0.4 Kw

0.4 Kw

FY-DGP80 0.30-0.35 T/H 22 Kw 0.4 Kw 0.6 Kw φ80mm
FY-DGP90 0.40-0.45 T/H 37 Kw 0.4 Kw 1.5 Kw φ90mm
FY-DGP120 0.50-0.70 T/H 55 Kw 0.4 Kw 2.2 Kw φ120mm
FY-DGP135 0.80-1.0 T/H 75 Kw 0.4 Kw 2.2 Kw φ135mm
FY-DGP160 1.2-1.5 T/H 90 Kw 0.75-1.1 Kw 3.0 Kw φ160mm
FY-DGP200 1.8-2.0 T/H 132 Kw 1.5 Kw 4.0 Kw φ200mm

The pictures of the floating fish feed pellet extruder machine

Related products together with the floating fish feed pellet extruder machine

1. Except Floating fish feed pellet machine, we also have related machines including crusher, mixer, cooling machine, dryer, flavoring machine, packing machine, conveying system etc.

2. We could help the customers to design the whole production line for floating fish feed production, and make sure the automatic operation with electric control, meet the demand of commercial production.

Packaging & Shipping

1.All machines, which is less than a full container, are packed by the standard wooden case for exporting. So it is safe and strong enough for a long journey from our factory to your place.

2.If all the machines are shipped by a full container, the container will be loaded in our factory by our workers. Also, all the machines will be fixed onto the container.


Q: What’s the difference between dry type machine and wet type machine?

A: The biggest difference is the wet type need a steam boiler while the dry type doesn’t. In this case, the dry type is cheaper than wet type, and the feed pellets made by wet type extruder is much smooth and with better quality.

Q: What kind of raw materials should I use to make fish feed?

A: Soybean meal,wheat meal,corn meal,flour,bone meal,meat meal,fish meal etc.Finess in 60-80mesh.

Q: How long does the floating fish feed float on the water?

A: The feed pellets made by our extruder can float on the water surface for over 24 hours.

Q: Can this extruder produce poultry feed pellets?

A: Yes. It can make floating and sinking aquatic feed, pet food with different shape, poultry feed pellets.

Q: Is there a formula of making fish feed pellet?

A: It totally based on the situation of your fish. We can offer free formula to our customers.

hot sale CE aquatic feed machine/floating fish feed pellet machine price adopts world-class technology to customize and produce special racks. High strength, high wear resistance, sharp teeth, uniform and delicate powder slag processing, higher starch extraction rate. The replacement of racks is quick and easy, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of labor and greatly increases the production efficiency. The separation part adopts a non-frame type three-section separation structure, which has small resistance and is more energy-efficient.
hot sale CE aquatic feed machine/floating fish feed pellet machine price main functions:
For the extraction of potato starch, automatic fresh potato feed, crushing, separation, slagging, pulping. is also suitable for sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn, kudzu, plantain, and cassava.
1: The smashing part is the first to use thorn bar type, discarding the manual sprint method in the past.
2: The lifespan of steel piercing teeth is twice the life of the previous piercing teeth, and can be replaced in ten minutes after wear.
3: The separation section uses a thick 40cm diameter separation tube, the separation is more clean, and the powder extraction rate is more than 99%.
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