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Bottom price latest mobile feed pellet production line

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pellet feed production line
Certification CE ISO SGS
Model Number Pellet feed production line
Min.Order Quantity One set Bottom price latest mobile feed pellet production line
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

Bottom price latest mobile feed pellet production line

specifications of mobile feed pellet production line:

1.Compact structure feed pellet production line.

2. energy saving feed pellet production line.

3. less investment feed pellet production line.

4. easy operation and maintenance feed pellet production line.

Product Description

Description of ring die feed pellet machine:

1) Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine The models in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology of our company based on the successful model of using rotating roller plate inlaid, the function has reached the international advanced level. The machine is equipped with overload protection, evenly distributed, low noise, making its operations more secure and reliable. Conditioner with large diameter, so that material to ripen more fully and make the grain more smooth, moderate hardness, rate of 98%, and minimize the rate of wear. Speed feed accurately controlling feeding quantity, and to adapt to different materials, production needs with different particle diameters.

Pictures of mobile feed pellet production line:

mobile feed pellet production line diameter:

Modle Capacity(T)
HYF1t/h 1
HYF2-3t/h 2-3
HYF4-5t/h 3-4
HYF6t/h 4-6
HYF6-8t/h 6-8
HYF8-10t/h 8-10
HYF10-12t/h 10-12

Advantage of mobile feed pellet production line:

1.Directly transmission with high-precision,evolvent,cylinder,helical tooth gear,transmission efficiency more than 90%.

2.Transmission gear and gear billet through normalizing high heat treatment,enhance hardness of the tooth surface adopt carburize technologh,carburized layer reach 2.4mm,increase the abrasive resistance,increase the lifetime,tooth surface handle through accurate grinding,silent,tip relief,make it operation with quiet and smooth and steady.

3.Principal axis and connection hollow shaft both adopt German alloy steel,through water hammer,rough turn,heat treatment,finish turning.

4.The bear and oil seal for transmission part all adopt Japan high precision bear and America wear-resisting,Heat-resistant fluoro rubber oil seal;add lubrication oil return system,oil circulating cooling,automatic timing for oil lubrication,to ensure adequate lubrication of the bearing,operation more safe and reliable.

5.Pelleting molding system adopt high quality silent bear,and add thin oil circulation cooling lubrication system,the lifetime will increase,operation more safe.

Our Services

Services for the mobile feed pellet production line

1. We treat customers as gods, and provide considerate services from shipment to maintenance, including professional free training, guidance, installation,and debugging. 2. After sale, we provide one year's warranty. we will help to solve any mechanical problems in time. Also engineers are available to service overseas



FAQ about the ring die feed pellet production line:

In order to offer you the reasonable machines,we need more details as followings:

1.The raw materials and the size you used.

2. Moisture content of the raw materials or give me the picture of raw materials.

3.The size of pellet you needed.

4.The voltage frequency in your country.

5.The output you needed in one hour.

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mobile feed pellet production line

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