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Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pellet feed production line
Certification ISO
Model Number Pellet feed production line
Min.Order Quantity One set Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line
Packaging Details 850*400*970mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Features

can automatically finish raw materials preparation, extrusion, shaping, cutting, drying and flavoring at a time.Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line has the advantages of more machines choice, flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw materials application, numerous in products variety and easy opration. Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line can make the puffed snacks, corn bars, corn sticks and so on. After being puffed by , the products are crispy, easy to digest and unique taste. They are the perfect leisure food for Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line consumers.

of Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line comprises of U-shape barrel,transmisstion parts and ribbon agitating blades usually have doubleor triple layers with outside screw gathering material from side to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center of Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line to sides to form convection mix.Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line has a very good effect for mixing spice or dry powder with liquid.

comes from defatted soy flour, which is a by-product of soybean oil, so it is plentiful in supply. Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line is also quick to cook and a great source of vegetable protein without all the fat.Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line uses the newest production equipments. are researched and developed according to the market demand and basing on the advanced equipments. Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line has become the serialization and many kinds of collocations can meet the different customer's needs.

Product Description

Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line

Animal feed pellet production line can make waste materials into pellet or particle. The final products are used for feeding purposes.

The machine is composed of the motor, propshafts, flat mold, pressure wheel, into a hopper, cutting knife, a hopper several parts.
Easy to operate straw hay pellet machine is a kind of equipment to produce biomass fuel pellets. Based on advanced technology and property of different biomass material, we have designed a series of pellet mills with high efficiency.

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model power feed capacity sawdust capacity size(mm) weight(kg)
150B 5.5kw 100-150kg/h 80-120kg/h 850*400*970 145/165
150C 5.5kw 100-150kg/h 80-120kg/h 1000*480*900 150/170
200B 7.5kw 200-300kg/h 90-150kg/h 1050*480*990 205/230
200C 7.5kw 200-300kg/h 90-150kg/h 1050*550*960 225/255
230B 11kw 300-400kg/h 120-200kg/h 1180*520*1020 268/290
230C 11kw 300-400kg/h 120-200kg/h 1200*560*1070 286/320
260B 15kw 400-600kw/h 200-300kg/h 1240*540*1070 335/385
260C 15kw 400-600kw/h 200-300kg/h 1240*580*1120 368/403
300B 22kw 600-800kg/h 300-400kg/h 1300*560*1120 437/485
300C 22kw 600-800kg/h 300-400kg/h 1300*620*1220 463/510
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Feed pellet mill

Name: flat die feed pellet mill
Brand: SLTD
Original: Henan, China
Because such flat die feed pellet machine works on the base of the friction and pressure between the roller and the mounted die, flat die feed pellet machine is also known as flat die feed pellet press.

Feed pellet mill Features

1. Simple structure.
2. Easy to clean and maintain.
3. Spare parts are also easy to change, less cost for rollers and dies.
4. Simple operating, just 1 or 2 workers are OK.
5. The sort of pelletizer is easier to clean than the ring die pellet machine
6. Be able to change new die and rollers faster to save time to produce pellets.

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Feed pellet mill Parts

Name: Roller

Brand: SLTD


The role of the pressure roller: extruding the material into the mold holes in the die hole pressure molding.

Feed pellet mill Parts

Name: Flat die of feed pellet mill

Brand: SLTD

Original: Henan ,China

It's die mold is made of stainless steel or alloy steel for your choice. It has the characteristics of low cost, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

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Raw Materials of animal feed pellet machine

The raw materials can be made from any type of agri-forestry waste: groundnut shell, sugarcane bio-gases, caster shells/stalk, saw dust, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, tobacco waste mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, soybeans husk, coir pitch barks/straws, rice husks, forestry wastes, wood chips and many other agri wastes.

Requirements For The Raw Materials
1. Size of raw materials: powder or no Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line than 10mm.
2. Moisture content of raw materials: 8-12%.
3. Raw materials can be the mixture of 2 or more than 2 kinds of different materials, they must be evenly mixed.
4. No adhesive or chemicals need in the processing.

Final Product of animal feed pellet machine

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Packaging :
Wooden or metal case according to specific size of each equipment, we twine thick plastic coating for each machine
Tight the equipment in the truck without space to ensure no rubbing during the transportation.

Delivery Detail:
7-15 working days after deposit
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Customer Visiting

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Machine Test

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Durable CE Certified animal feed pellet production line Songling Tengda Machinery Factory

founded in 1988 andlocated in Henan Province, China, is specialized in charcoal machine manufacturing, the oil press machine, wood pellet machine and animal feed pellet machine,etc.Based on our professional technology, advanced manufacturingequipments, perfect after sales service and sustained technologicalimprovement, our products have been awarded 10 patents in China,and are widely accepted in both domestic and world market, and alsoexported to more than 30 countries.

Sincerely seeking cooperation with you.

Our Service

♥. Pre-sale-service:Design and manufacture machines for you as your special requirement, provide you with project, process design and pruchase program.

♥. On-sale-service: Accompany with you to look around our factory, explain the manufacture process of our machines and check the working performance of our machine.

♥. After-sale-service: Engineers are available to install debugging equipments of the whole production line, besides, commissioning and training operators on site.

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