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China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Biscuit machine
Certification CE ISO9001
Model Number Biscuit machine
Min.Order Quantity One set China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE
Packaging Details 2700*900*2000MM
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE

Product Description


1. Biscuit making machine can take corn, rice, wheat, oat,rye and other grains as materials to

produce extruded snacks, with crispy taste and lively shape.

2.Different shapes of snacks can be produced such as Round, triangle, square, stars, flower, etc

3.The biscuit making machine is from feeding, extruding, core filling, shaping ,cutting , oil spraying to finished products are done once time automatically.

4. Biscuit making machine can produce all kinds of inflating foodstuffs, rice bread,

core snacks, crackers, gruel nutrient-flour, and baby food and so on.

5.The biscuit making machine screws are made by alloy steel and special craft, the screw life is China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE, uses building block system structure, may combine willfully

6.The forced lubrication system, by guaranteed equipment transmission China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE life.

7.Visible auto-temperature controlling system, make the temperature-controlling to be more direct-viewing, parameter to be more precise.

8.It also can be designed according to customer requirement;

Voltage of biscuit making machine

in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customer

Local voltage

Capacity of biscuit making machine

100-150kg/h(TES 65 Extruder), 250-300kg/h(TES70 Extruder),300-500kg/h(TES 85 Extruder),

Technical parameters of biscuit making machine

Model Parameter TSE65 Processing Line TSE70 Processing Line TSE85 Processing Line
Installed capacity 150KW 220KW 280KW
Consumption 120KW/H 150KW/H 190KW/H
Output 130-15 KG/H 240-260KG/H 500-600KG/H
Dimension 18000*2000*4000MM 22000*2000*4000MM 26000*2000*4000MM

Flow chart of biscuit making machine

Mixing system---Extrusion system----Baking system (Frying System) ---Flavoring system---Packing system

width: 601px; height: 601px;



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1.Technical support online service provided

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3.On-site training service provided

4.Spare parts replacement and repair service provided

Company Information

Jinan China automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE Machinery Co., Ltd is an industry and trade integrated enterprise. The company is committed to R & D extrusion machinery and related ancilChina automatic extruded biscuit making machine with CE equipments. It is covering mainly machinery and equipment for corn meal milling system, corn flakes/breakfast cereal system, baby food system, corn puff snacks system, pellets system, artificial rice system,soy nuggets system; as well as pet food/fish food system.

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