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Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner HD82

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Biscuit machine
Certification SGS
Model Number Biscuit machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner HD82
Packaging Details 219x164x105mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Name: Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner (HD82)

~~Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner HD82 Technology now is the first and only company who apply rare-earth catalytic combustin technology on infrared burner&heater.

It make a whole combustion and save more than 10% energy than non-catalytic IR heater. At the same time,it can prolong the use life of ceramic plate.

New type deep fryer heating element HD82







Weight (kg)


Heat Output

Inlet Port (Inch)


















1. Shell: Cast Iron

2. Radiant part: cordierite honeycomb plates with black processed rare-earth catalyst coated

3. Nozzle: brass

4. Up cover: stamped stainless iron


  • Energy saving: conversion rate≥90%
  • Environmental protection: CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm
  • Whole combustion: 95% of energy released in the form of infrared ray; heating the objects directly
  • Long useful time: ≥11000hr
  • Easily installed

Different size for chose:

Applied Range

Infrared gas burner is wildly used in food industry,as it can heat food uniformly,smokeless and eco-friendly.

What's more,compared with electric,it save more than 50% engergy.Fast heating and colding.It can be used in all kinds of food baking ,drying......

Food Industry: Pizza,Rice Biscuit( rice cookies covered with snow-like sugar )assembly line, grilled chicken, biscuit, egg roll, roasting shredded squid oven, oven for roast duck, smokeless oven, griddle, middle eastern oven, hot pot oven, roasting pachyrhizus oven, snack car, soup oven, cooking assembly line, infra-red gas baking pan, deep-fry assembly line, water-removing machine, baking, etc.

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Company Information

Chongqing Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner HD82 Technology Factory is special on gas infrared catalytic burner. There is a layer of catalytic( Oxygen Storage Materials ) on Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner HD82 burner ceramic, which will reduce 25% gas consumption. We mainly do bbq gas grill burner, gas burner, infrared burner, gas heater, heating panel, poultry heater, gas brooder, pizza oven burner, industrial oven heater, fruit dryer etc.

Link of TUV report:

http://cqhdkj.en.Biscuit Machine Infrared Gas Deck oven parts Burner


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