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Professional semi cookie production line,dog biscuit manufacturing machine.biscuit making productio line

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Soft Biscuit Production Line
Certification CE ISO9001
Model Number Soft Biscuit Production Line
Min.Order Quantity One set Professional semi cookie production line,dog biscuit manufacturing machine.biscuit making pr
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Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

Professional semi cookie production line,dog biscuit manufacturing machine.biscuit making productio lineMain Equipments Info

Biscuit prduction process procedure:

1. Flour mixer — 2. Roll cut biscuit forming machine — 3.Roll print biscuit forming machine — 4.Tunnel oven — 5.180degree Turning machine — 6.Oil spraying machine — 7.Cooling line — 8.Biscuit stacking machine — 9.Biscuit sandwich machine — 10.Biscuit packing machine

I. Horizontal flour Mixer

Function: Kneading flour machine is stirring machine which crumples up flour powder and water into dough or other materials and is independently used with other machines.

II. RollerRotary Mould Machine

It is the main machine for the biscuit production line. It will convey the mixed / processed dough to the molding machine, then after mixing into a dough, then baking though the oven to get, a loose ,delicious crispy biscuit which is well welcomed by the consumers

III. Roller Rotary Cutter Machine

Function: After putting stirring flour powder into the machine, they are one time shaped into unripe biscuit,all kinds of middle and high grade biscuit and thin biscuit through three stages roller and roller cutting molds.

IV. GAS heating tunnel Oven

1. this machine uses natural gas as the fuel, rapid heating up and energy saving.

2. The oven is controlled by different heating zones, and each of heating zone temperature is adjustable or presetting. Meanwhile, It is displayed by digital form.

3.Through the connection of the structure within the heating zones, allow the oven expanding.

4. Adopt high-qualified thermal materials, good insulation, and high thermal efficiency.

5. Steelwork, ducts and chambers are all painted with anti-high temperature aluminum powder paint which can resist 400℃.

6. Full-automatic PID temperature control and automatic constant temperature.

7. Great control flexibility end prefect safety precautions.

8. It can fit the technological requirements for production of different biscuits.

V.180° Swerve Conveyor

This is the auxiliary equipment for biscuit making process, also widely used for transfer of other food. In order to save the space, the folding device is 180°.The housing is made of rolled steel. Connection board is made of stainless steel, divided into front and back section. Folding angle have right 180°, left 180°, and 90°, etc.

VI.Biscuit Oil Sprayer

The baked hot biscuit will be conveyed to the oil-spraying machine right after the tunnel oven, which is necessary to produce high-quality, better color biscuit.

VII. Cooling Conveyor Line (8m)

Function: Oil-spraying finished biscuits are cooled through transmission

VIII. Biscuit Stacking Machine

Biscuit tidy-up machine is used to transfer the biscuit into a rail and pile them up, and then transfer all the way to the biscuit picking machine.

Product Description

1. The whole shell of the production line adopts 304 Stainless Steel in accordance with the health and safety standard.

2. The electricity and transmission components are all used Professional semi cookie production line,dog biscuit manufacturing machine.biscuit making productio line ,Mitsubishi ,touch screen to ciontrol and adopts the Interenational Brand Germany SEW,SKF to make the whole line steadily.

3. In according to the clients ' requirements ,we can make a wide range of size and shape biscuit full automatically.

Technical Parameter

Model Max Product capacity conveying belt Width Power



Baking Temperature Weight Voltage
GN-250 100kg/h 250mm 65kw 29600mm 190-240℃ 6000 380V50HZ
GN-400 250kg/h 400mm 190kw 64500mm 12000
GN-600 500kg/h 600mm 300kw 85500mm 20000
GN-800 750kg/h 800mm 380kw 92500mm 28000
GN-1000 1000kg/h 1000mm 700kw 125000mm 40000
GN-1200 1250kg/h 1250mm 830kw 125000mm 45000

Product Uses

Suitable for making various kinds of biscuits .

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• Provide customized services for special orders according to specifications.

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4. Warranty: 2 years (Electric accessories ) and free life time maintenance (Excluding freight) ;

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