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automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine

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Brand Name Soft Biscuit Production Line
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 Product Description

Biscuit production line is uesd for producing hard & soft biscuit, cracker,sandwich biscuit.

All working procedures that from dough mixing,feeding, sheeting, moulding, scrap recycling, baking,cooling to stacking can be completed automatically in one line.

automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine link of our biscuit production line in Thailand:

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automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine link of our cracker biscuit production line:

https://www.automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit

automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine link of our soft biscuit production line:

https://www.automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit

Different woking widths 620mm,800mm,1000mmm,1200mm are available.

Tunnel oven power resource: eletricity, natural gas, LPG.


Hard Biscuit,

Soft biscuit,


Biscuit production line comprises various type of mixers, dough feeding systems, different configurations of sheeting equipment, laminator, rotary cutter at one or two rolls with its ancilautomatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine equipment (decorators, sugar or salt sprinklers), rotary moulder(for soft biscuit), Baking oven ( Convection , Direct Gas Fired or Hybrid at two or three combinations), Cooling conveyors, Stacker and final Packaging conveyor for product collecting.

Dough mixer:

used for dough mixing.

Dough dump station:

transport large batches of dough from portable dough troughs into a continuous dough feeding or sheeting system.

Dough feeding system :

Dough is dumped into the Feeder and the conveyor moves the dough evenly and send the dough to the guillotine, the pneumatic-powered guillotine cut the dough into the right-sized pieces, the outlet conveyor to moves them to the sheeting equipment.

Three-roll sheeter:

generates a consistent dough sheet ready for further thickness reduction or lamination. Two grooved rolls draw the dough into the pressurized cavity between the three rolls, and the dough is compacted and discharged as a continuous sheet. The thickness of the dough sheet is changed by adjusting the gap between rolls.

Laminator(with flour sprayer):

The laminator is used for making cracker.

Laminating produces a light, crisp texture, which cannot be achieved in any other way.

Gauge station (Two-roll sheeter):

is a fundamental machine in most cracker, hard biscuit production lines. Parallel, hardened, solid-steel rolls reduce the dough sheet thickness.

Rotary cutter:

Rotary cuttier is forming machine for cracker and hrad biscuit.

When dough sheet go through rotary cutter, it will be cut and shaped by moulds.

Rotary moulder: used to form the soft biscuit.

After crushed by roller, the dough go through the moulder to form.

Grooved feed roller ensures uniform pressure across the die roller.

The distance between feed roller and die roller is adjustable.

Separate machine:

Separating the scrap from the biscuit sheet after rotary cutting.

Recycle device:

transporting the scrap by conveyor to hopper of the three-roll sheeter for reuse.

Salt and sugar sprinkle:

used to spray the salt and sugar to the biscuit.

Baking Oven:

Baking oven is used for baking biscuits, cookies and potato chips and crisp and many more products.

Pre-manufactured and insulated in 3-m-modules for fast and easy installation.

Band driving and tensioning stations ensure smooth running of the bands.

PLC controlled and operation via touch screen.

Steel band for soft products and cookies baked directly on the band.

Wire mesh band for cracker and hard biscuits baked directly on the band.

Heated by LPG and natural gas or electricity.

Burner flames heat up the burner chamber and the tubes in the heat exchanger.

Heated air transferred via tubes to the top and the bottom of the baking chamber.

Combustion gases removed by flue system without contacting the products.

Heat recovery unit for energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Burners controlled by temperature sensor to ensure constant and correct baking temperature.

Cooling conveyor, stacker and packing table.

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden case packing.

Our Services

Provide customers with complete biscuit production line, including whole factory project, system design, technological process, production line configuration, equipment modification plan and project implementation,etc.

We have our own biscuit factory, and it is also our training center, your engineer and technician can learn the operation and maintainanca in our biscuit factory.

You are welcome to visit our machinery factory and biscuit factory, seeing the biscuit production line running.

automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine is our company's self-developed automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine according to European and American equipment, automatic small biscuit machine sweet biscuit machine has a high degree of automation, stability, simple operation, high yield, short process time and other characteristics, and effectively improve the various defects in the original tradition. Widely used in all kinds of baby rice noodles, sesame paste, walnut paste products, is a new and efficient . produced foods with unique shape, many flavors and colors, and scientific scientific nutrition, has a reasonable structural design, screw is a special material, has a fast self-cleaning function, high machine stability, easy to learn, accurate parameters Control can ensure that the products produced have the same shape, taste and color.
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