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Hgh capacity automatic peanut fryer machine with CE,ISO9001

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Frying Machine
Certification ISO9001,CE
Model Number Peanut Frying Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Hgh capacity automatic peanut fryer machine with CE,ISO9001
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Features

Peanut frying machine /Fried nut /peanut /green bean frying production line/making machine peanut fryer machine(Manufacturer and supplier)

1.Description of peanut sheller remover :

This line is an automatic nut frying production line.It is mainly used for processing nut or beans,such as peanut,broad bean,green bean,soy bean canshew nut and so on.

This line can work automayicly for all parts to save human resources and reduce productive cost.The capacity can be customized according to clients' needs.

2.Technology process of peanut sheller remover :


Sacking:Elevator hoists the peanut and put them into the socking machine when thewater's tempreture get 98 ~100°c.And the peanut will through the hot water for 3~5min

Peeling:The distribution belt will transport the soaked peanut into each peeling machine to remove the red skin.

Picking:After peeling you should pick out the bad peanut and red skin peanut.

Drying:Dry the peanut for 30-40 minute.The moisture content will below 13%.

Frying:Frying the peanut for 5-6 minutes in 150-160 degree.

De-oiling:Remove the extra oil on the surface of the peanut.

Flavoring:Mix the peanut with seasoning.

Cooling:Cooling the peanut till the tempreture get 30-40 degree.

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3.Certificate of peanut sheller remover :

4. Package and transport of peanut sheller remover

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5.About our factory:

We are manufactuer in shandong , China,established in 1993.We specialized in producing nut and bean production machine.Such as nut peeling machine,frying machine,roasting machine,coating machine,flavoring machine and a series of nut production line.Welcome to visit our factory.

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