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RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h)

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Frying Machine
Model Number Peanut Frying Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h)
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine

Gas frying machine is developed fron Japanese technologh of fried pignut. It keeps the single coal device and combines the reality that middle and small companies want to reduce loss and save energy with the burning installation from abroad, The low loss, high efficiency and full automatic fryer can raise the temperature in short time, control the temperture automatically, feed and discharge automatically, and it also has a temper protection device. Comparing with the traditonal fryer, the cost can be reduced by 30% to 40%.

Main technical parameters:

RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine can fry peanut,coating nut,green bean,broad bean and so on.

About us:

Website: http://www.RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h)

Founded in 1993, RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the earliest enterprise engaged in the research&design and production of peanut machinery, peeling machinery, frying machinery, and the other food machinery. For the past few years, we introduced foreign technology according to the domestic market demand and the actual situation of labor shortages, and then combined the condition of our country to develop and manufacture the production line, such as drunk peanut production line, fried bean production line, peanut butter production line, spiced peanut production line, soybean RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) production line and so on. Our company passed successively the certificates of Products' Execution Standard Registration in Shandong, ISO9001, CE, etc. Our products' quality reaches international standard, and it has become one of RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) enterprises in domestic market.

With powerful RD, strict and standard management system, first-class production equipments, complete and fine products, sales network and excellent after-sales system, we sell our products very well not only in China, but also in more than ten countries and districts in Southeast Asia, etc.

General manager Mr. Jiang Duhua warmly welcomes friends from home and abroad to our company for visit and negotiation!

RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine. Also, 's various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.The usage is same to natural rice,but more simple and convenient than before. RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) not only nutrition but also adapts to the fast rhythm of the modern life.

RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) is a kind of shape machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies dry base by squeezing out and taking shape the dough and has characteristics of modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, simple operation etc. is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market at present as well.

garlic processing machine line.Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd. offer garlic separate machine,garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine ,,garlic harvester machine etc. Now our RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) have sell to 40+ countries include Canada ,Austria ,India ,South Afraic etc.We promise we will supply good quality of RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h) ,and meet your need of RY(Q)J-F400 gas frying machine (capacity:350-400kg/h).

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