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Fast delivery peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Roasting Machine
Model Number Peanut Roasting Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Fast delivery peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale

Product Description

peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale


Application: roast, heat and dry the materials as follow:

Nut processing: sunflower seeds,peanut,chestnut,cashew nut,almond,walnut,etc.

Oil production line:sesame seeds,rapeseed,soya bean,peanut,sunflower seeds,etc.

Tea processing: tea leaf.

Chemical industry: heat and drying the chemical industry materials.

Condiments processing:chili,pepper,aniseed,etc.

Chinese medicine processing: medicine pieces.

Feed processing: fish feeds powder.

Grain processing:corn,broom corn,rice,millet,barley and wheat.

The advantage of roasting machine:

Protect environment: electromagnetism transform into heat energy to process the materials, carbon-free.Save energy & low power consumption:roasting machine use the roller with the composite materials to decrease the energy lost. Heat efficiency95%, save 45% electricity.

Save electricity and time: the electromagnetism heating system make the roller heat by itself, without heat medium.Work 30seconds, the temperature can be 100 degree centigrade. Improve the working efficiency. Baking 5KG sunflower seeds cost 0.6KW/H, 5KGsesame seeds cost 0.55kw/h

High temperature:Max.400 degree centigrade.

Human interface:humanization design, intelligent control. Easy to set up the parameter.Temperature control accuracy: the temperature can control under±2%, make sure the quality of roasted materials same each time, color is even. Low request to the workers, employee easy to operate.Self-diagnosis function, can show the problem on the display. Good materials: made of stainless steel, food grade, make sure the food is safe and clean, up to GMP standard.

Product Detail

Name roaster, roaster machine, roasting machine
Capacity 100-200kg per hour
Raw material grape seed, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, soybean, rapeseed etc.
Function heating materials
Fuel coal, wood fire, elctricity or gas
Material carbon steel or stainless steel
Power 0.75KW
Weight 260kgs
Dimension 1250*900*1000mm
Voltage 380v, 220v, 230v, 240v, 440v, etc.
Product Keywords peanut roaster/dry nut roaster machine for sale,roaster coffe,used nut roasting machines

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peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale

Packaging & Shipping

peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale

Pack & loading in our plant:

1) Seaworthy package cotton fabric & plastic film wooden case packing.

2) We can also pack rides according to your requirements.

3) We'll load the rides in reasonable and saving-space way.

Our Services

peanut roaster dry nut roaster machine for sale

Our company will send you installation pictures and video step by step before

loading. We can also send you our engineer to help you if needed.

24 months guarantee for whole machine, the guarantee is whole life for our motor.

Company Information

Zhengzhou Centaurus Machinery And Electrical equipment Co., a professional manufacturer and exporter specializes in the R&D and promotion of food machine, food renewable energy technology and equipment, animal feed machine, agriculture machine, construction machine, mining machine and play equipment. Our company has a professional team and has in-depth study on the application of all kinds of machine and projects. With continuous effort of our staff, we will develop more and more excellent product to meet the need of customers.

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