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High Quality & Stainless Steel Nut Roasting Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Peanut Roasting Machine
Model Number Peanut Roasting Machine
Min.Order Quantity One set High Quality & Stainless Steel Nut Roasting Machine
Packaging Details 1100*620*1180mm
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

High Quality & Stainless Steel Nut Roasting Machine

Introduction of Nut Roasting Machine

1. Can be used to roast all kinds of nuts,such as chestnuts, filberts, melon seeds, pine nuts, and

so on.

2. Can take Electric or Gas as heating energy supply.

3. The whole process of rolling, roasting and letting out are operated automatically.

4. The advanced horizontal roller make it heat uniformly, at the same time, can keep the

temperature, the nuts will not get cool quickly.

5. The nuts will not stick on the wall of machine.

6. The rolling direction is adjustable, can roll at clock wise and counter clock wise.

7. You just need to press the button, and change the rolling direction into opposite when finish

roasting, the nuts will come out automatically.

Features of Nut Roasting Machine

1.This roasting machine has electricity heating type and gas/coal heating type.

2. This roasting machine adopt unique horizontal roller structure, uniform heating, good sealing,

and stew fried particularly effective. At the same time the structure has been improved this year, the back cover can be opened, so that maintenance and repair is very convenient.

3.Roasting machine with gas heating is equipped with energy saving stove, adjustable of fire size.

Roasting Machine with electric heating has temperature controller, the temperature can be


4. Within the outer cylinder made of high quality laminated asbestos as insulation material, good

insulation properties, high thermal efficiency. Can guarantee the temperature needs to adapt to a variety of roasted seeds and nuts, the fried foods taste good. Saving electricity and time-saving.

5.During the roasting process, the roasted material stir in the three-dimensional roller and non-stick drum.

Technical Parameter of Nut Roasting Machine

Model Number


Voltage power



Suitable all kinds nuts

Dimension size


Net weight


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